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ECE's Passion

Passionate, accomplished and entrepreneurial people work along with us as ECE Family. They care about their students’ success as much as their own business, and are not content until the desired impact and results are achieved, this is the sole reason for our sustained growth that is surely going to the No.1 position in Multimedia Education Scenario in India very soon.

ECE's Family

By nature we are drawn to relationships where we can provide real benefits to all those who come in touch with our ECE Family. In fact, we measure our performance by your results. In every situation, we team with you in a process that you control & achieve regional superiority and success in this new venture with ECE.

Technical Resources Support

  • Faculty is provided by us to the Franchisee centre.
  • Special Technical Support in form of a Mobile faculty & Huge Back end support in terms of Evaluation & suggestions to each student’s work on a regular basis.
  • Faculty training (updates) is our responsibility (initial every three months then from time to time depending upon advent of new technologies)
  • Providing the unique & famous ECE Reference material (specially designed in house) 1 set for your library and subsequently on cost for each student
  • A special Virtual Gallery for students benefits.
  • New programs launched every year
  • Help in developing unique programs specially looking at your regional requirements.
  • Technology updates from time to time
  • Teaching Methodology, Tutorials, Assignment, Projects, Exam papers
  • Course Co-ordination & handling explanation and material
  • Passing on Live Industrial Projects for students practice (for the first year- then it will be explained how to pick up live projects from the Domestic market so as to gain a strong hold in local & regional market)
  • Outline for computer, Networking & System Administration Setup
  • Hardware & Software in details along with the cost Exhibits

Marketing & Launch Support

  • Help in Developing a Marketing strategy & Media plan
  • Special support of an Area manager for Business Generation.
  • Outline and Original copy of all Advertisement and Promotional Material.
  • In depth Training and guidelines for Marketing Staff at both HO & Franchisee premises.
  • Know how on generating necessary tie-ups required for generating enquiries
  • Demo and promotional material pertaining to the company & courses
  • Brochures, Catalogue, fliers can be procured from the HO on cost
  • Student material, displays & work are provided by us for organizing X factor (Annual Multimedia Exhibition)
  • A special 1 week support by the franchisee Operations manager at the start of the centre to put all systems in operations
  • Free Start up kit & a Complete guide lines of press Conference, Launch Campaign, Inauguration Kit, Initial Seminars

Administrative & Launch Support

  • Training of Entrepreneur, Marketing, Administrative staff
  • A Strong Regional Models Support for Franchisee Operations.
  • Regular Staff Training at the HO as well as at the Centre
  • Premises set up Details (Floor plan, Architectural plan, Interior etc.)
  • Help in Recruitment i.e. Interviews & Final Staff selection
  • General Administration kit for staff job roles, daily working & Reports pertaining to all areas.
  • I Card, certificates for various courses
  • Franchisee Operation Manuals covering the entire implementation & Working of the centre

Students Placements Support

ECE has a special Placement Division by the name of ECE INFOTECH for handling Placements across India on a regular basis.

Placement Guarantee will be available using Reverse Education Model to all students who successfully complete their CAREER and SKILL programs, from Head Office at ever-increasing 1250+ Associate Companies across India

TIE-UPS Benefits

  • We are providing to S.C/S.T students extra skill developing course with scholarship without any fees.
  • We give buss-pass facility to all the career courses students.
  • We are providing computer basic and English knowledge to the students.
  • We give personality development knowledge.
  • We give study materials and also give them school bag.

Requirements for Being An XDS Franchisee

  • Setting up of premises at a prominent locality ( Own/ Rental)& increase or Upgrade the capacity of the premises and infrastructural requirements as and when required to remain the best in the city
  • Promoting Brand Name strongly in the city and getting good number of Students in the centre. All Local activities related to marketing and promotion will be the sole responsibility of the franchisee.
  • Purchase and set-up of equipment & software as per guidelines
  • Recruitment of staff.
  • Adherence to organization culture and work environment
  • Willingness to take Trainings
  • Timely adherence to Marketing, Media & Advertisement for generating the required enquiries
  • Upgrading the technology & Set up as and when required
  • Timely transaction of finance pertaining to franchisee fee, royalty fee, material procurement fees etc.
  • Getting the required Enrollments through proper team coordination
  • Adherence to the Corporate Identity norms i.e. use of all print & stationary, Advertisements, Company name & Logo etc.

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